Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Azura.

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What is Azura Boutique Hotel & Residences?

Azura is an exceptional new enclave of private wholly-owned residences.The floor plans have been designed with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Wonderful Personal Residences which can be enjoyed by family and friends.
  2. Individual Hotel Rooms which will be professionally managed and rented to hotel guests - thus creating the beautiful new Azura Hotel.

Azura’s ownership and operating concept is similar to what is commonly referred to as a “Condominium Hotel.” However our development has been carefully structured to create a true feel of “home” for our owners, and to allow them significantly more time, flexibility and enjoyment around their residence than is usual.

Our owners enjoy professional property management and hotel services, benefit from rental revenue opportunities, and provide the high quality rooms rentals that together create the Azura Hotel.

The amount of time that an owner spends in their residence is flexible, however there are significant financial benefits for those who commit to placing a single room, or multiple rooms, into the ‘Hotel Program’ for a minimum of 50% of each year. There is no seasonal or calendar date requirement for the time contributed to the hotel program, so residence owners have the ability to customize both the amount of time and their own schedule of usage - both of which they can change year to year.

What Amenities does Azura offer?

  • Secluded private beach
  • Three elevated beaches overlooking the shoreline, reefs, and ocean below
  • Fresh water pool and sun terrace
  • A bistro and bar, located poolside
  • Spa Azura, intimate in scale with treatments available in-spa, in-room or residence
  • Shuttle to Hamilton, local markets, and nearby Elbow Beach
  • Hotel services: these include housekeeping, laundry, concierge among others, and are available to residence owners and guests upon request. Please note there is an additional cost for these services.

What is a ‘Hotel Residence’?

All residences at Azura are defined as “Hotel Residences” under Bermuda law. Simply stated, this is a privately-owned residence on the grounds of a licensed hotel. Such a residence may be owned by a Bermudian or a Non Bermudian and may or may not participate in the hotel’s rental program.

How is the Azura ‘Hotel Program’ Structured?

Azura provides the opportunity for residence owners to place their full residence or individual bedrooms into the Hotel program through the resort’s Hotel Management Company. Owners may also opt to “Lock-Off” their private Owner’s Suite – e.g. Master Bedroom with ensuite bath, full kitchen, living/dining room, exclusively for owner use year round (or however often they wish), leaving the other bedroom or bedrooms available for rental through the Hotel program.

What are the benefits of participating in the Hotel Program?

In addition to the obvious benefit of the ability to receive rental revenue through rentals in the Azura Hotel, there are incentives provide by the Government of Bermuda. These incentives include a Land Tax Waiver for five (5) years, Import Duty Relief on all construction materials and furniture, fixtures and equipment, and for the Non-Bermudian, the waiver of the License Fee (presently 6.5%).

What if I place only part of my residence into the Hotel Program?

Owners may elect to keep part of their residence for their private use only and put only their additional bedroom or bedrooms into the hotel program. Owners providing at least one of their bedrooms for hotel use will receive all of the Government incentive benefits.

What are the real estate opportunities?

For detailed information on the types of units available for purchase please visit our Residence Sales pages.

Is a property purchased at AZURA deeded ownership?

Yes, AZURA Property Owners will technically have a 999 year lease on their residence and a pro rata shareholding interest in the common areas. After all residences have been sold, the residence owners fully own both the residences and the common areas, so they will enjoy legal “control of their own destiny” going forward.