Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Azura Bermuda.

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What is Azura Bermuda?

AZURA is an exceptional new enclave of private wholly owned residences, all of which enjoy a clifftop oceanfront setting with breathtaking views. The floorplans, whether 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, are designed with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Turn-key personal residences that can be enjoyed by family and friends and
  2. Individual hotel rooms that will be professionally managed and rented to hotel guests - thus creating the beautiful new Azura Hotel which launched in Winter 2019 and has stayed opened and active for 2020 despite Covid-19 challenges.

The ownership and operating concept are similar to what is commonly referred to as a ‘Condominium Hotel’; however, Azura is structured to allow owners and their guests significantly more control over and time in their residence than is typically provided in the ‘Condominium Hotel’ format.

Azura owners themselves can enjoy professional property management and hotel services while in residence. These individuals will also benefit from rental revenue opportunities by providing high-quality rooms for a vibrant new boutique hotel in Bermuda.

The amount of time that an owner spends in their residence is flexible. However, significant financial benefits are available to those who commit to placing at least one bedroom (or more) into the Hotel program for a minimum of 50% of the days each year. There is no seasonal or calendar date requirement for the time contributed to the hotel program; thus, residence owners can customize both the amount of time and their schedule of usage, both of which may change yearly.

Azura now offers 2, 3, 4, and 5 BR residences, all with full kitchens, private balconies, terraces or gardens, and expansive ocean views.

What Amenities does Azura offer?

  • Secluded private beach with wifi access
  • Three elevated beaches overlooking the shoreline, reefs, and ocean below
  • A freshwater pool and sun terrace
  • A bistro and bar: located poolside, and opening Winter 2020
  • Azura spa services: our concierge can arrange beauty, wellness, and relaxation treatments for you in your room or residence.
  • Hotel shuttle and on-property transportation
  • Hotel services: these include housekeeping, laundry, grocery delivery, concierge and other services are available to residence owners and guests. Please note there is an additional cost for for some of these services when an owner opts to use them.

What is a ‘Hotel Residence’?

All residences at Azura Bermuda are defined as “Hotel Residences” under Bermuda law. Simply stated, this is a privately-owned residence on the grounds of a licensed Hotel. Such a residence may be owned by a Bermudian or a Non-Bermudian, including Work Permit Holders and PRCs.

How is the Azura ‘Hotel Program’ Structured?

Azura provides residence owners the opportunity to place their full residence or individual bedrooms only into the Hotel program through the resort’s Hotel Management Company. Owners may also opt to “Lock-Off” their private Owner’s Suite (master bedroom with ensuite bath, full kitchen, living/dining room, exclusively for owner use year-round or however often they wish), leaving the other bedroom/s available for rental through the Hotel program.

What are the benefits of participating in the Hotel Program?

In addition to the obvious benefit of the ability to receive rental revenue from the Hotel Management Company, there are incentives provided by the Government of Bermuda. These include:

  • A Land Tax Waiver for five years from the date of Azura Bermuda’s Hotel opening (January 2020)
  • Import Duty Relief on all construction materials, fixtures & equipment, and furniture
  • Also, for Non-Bermudians, the full waiver of the International License Fee (6%)

What if I place only part of my residence into the Hotel Program?

Owners may elect to keep part of their residence for their private use only and put only their extra bedroom/s into the Hotel program. Owners providing at least one of their bedrooms for Hotel use receive all the above Government financial incentives.

What are the Azura alternatives to the Hotel Residence concept?

An owner may elect to use their villa privately with no hotel use whatsoever. However, this option would require special consent from the Developer at the time of purchase and would create a higher cost to the purchaser resulting from loss of the Bermuda Government incentives. The published pricing from the Developer assumes a purchaser is participating in the Hotel program. The savings during development & construction are being passed along by the Developer to purchasers in the form of lower prices (I.e. duty waiver on all construction materials, furnishings, equipment, waiver of contractor’s share of payroll tax, etc.).

What are the real estate opportunities?

Azura Bermuda has 2, 3, 4 & 5-bedroom hotel residences, including private villas, condominiums. As of now, Phases I and II have sold out, and we are in our final phase of construction, which includes the luxury contemporary building “Seascape.”

Seascape will sit on the highest point on Azura's western hill and will have sweeping views over Bermuda’s breath-taking South Shore reefs out to the open Atlantic. It has six single-story residences with nine-foot ceilings, open plan design, a full kitchen, and private verandahs – and the building has a rooftop infinity-edge pool.

You will find stunning interior design, elegant flooring, and floor to ceiling glass within each unit - comparable to our contemporary residence “Beach Song”.

For detailed information on the types of units available for purchase please visit our Residence Sales pages.

Is a property purchased at Azura deeded ownership?

Yes - Azura owners have a 999-year lease on their residence and a pro-rata shareholding interest in the common areas, as is standard with condominium communities. It is important to note that after all residences have been sold, the residence owners fully own both the residences and the common areas so that they will enjoy legal ‘control of their own destiny.’