Explore Bermuda

A waterfront with colorful buildings on the opposite shore.

With 21-square miles of stunning natural beauty and colourful island culture, Bermuda offers so much to explore.

Unwind on powdery-soft pink beaches, tee off on one of its many world-class golf courses or explore trendy restaurants and shops along Hamilton’s waterfront – it’s all within easy reach of Azura.

Find your inner explorer and leave no corner of Bermuda unseen. To get a basic lay of the land, you’ll want to cover the island’s three regions – Central Bermuda, East End, and West End – and visit as many of our world-renowned beaches as you can fit in!

A small staircase leading to a beach.
A beach with palm trees.

Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda’s dramatic coastline holds hidden coves and sweeping crescents of beach, all blanketed by that iconic pale-pink sand and brushed by gentle surf. Some beaches are popular and prized, like Horseshoe Bay Beach, while other beaches feel like secluded island hideaways. You’ll find great beaches across the island, but the famous South Shore is a perfect starting point. Explore all of Bermuda’s beaches to find your favorite, then spend your beach days surfing the waves, relaxing with a good book, or taking that perfect pink-sand picture!

A street on the waterfront with colorful buildings and palm trees.
A view of a city on a waterfront.
A couple walking down a street with pink buildings.

City of Hamilton

Take in the local flavour of the capital City of Hamilton, a harbour town known for its blend of global sophistication and vibrant nightlife. Wander along Front Street downtown and enjoy dining, shopping, dance clubs and the island’s most cosmopolitan culture. After a busy day spent downtown, slow it down and find great beaches, botanical gardens, lush parks and oceanfront golf nearby.

Town of St. George

Step back in time as you stroll the centuries-old brick streets of the Town of St. George, Bermuda’s former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage site. History buffs will love the well-preserved historic town and nearby fortress, havens for British colonial architecture, history and culture. Nearby, discover many unique natural attractions, including the limestone formations of Tobacco Bay Beach, Tom Moore’s Jungle and Bermuda’s Crystal Caves. Want to learn more about Bermuda’s beautiful ecosystem? Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve and Ferry Reach National Park are flush with flora and birdlife, including several rare species.

Royal Naval Dockyard

One of Bermuda’s most popular destinations, the historic Royal Naval Dockyard anchors the West End. Discover a different side of Bermuda from the Dockyard, which is home to a major cruise ship port and serves as a hub for sightseeing, shopping, dining, entertainment and an array of island experiences. Climb up Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for panoramic views of the South Shore, and explore the village of Somerset, home to calm bays, candy-coloured churches and the most photogenic little drawbridge you’ll ever see – make sure to take some pics!

Discover Bermuda the Azura Way

Whether you’re looking for a short-term getaway or a luxurious home away from home, uncover everything Azura and Bermuda have to offer.