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Take your pick—Clifftop or Rooftop?

Immerse yourself in our original pristine hotel pool, which sits at the heart of our Azura community and offers dazzling views over the Atlantic and its reefs. Swim, float or laze in our comfortable modern loungers, whether soaking up the rays or enjoying a cocktail under a shady umbrella.

Our latest building, Seascape, features a stunning new rooftop pool, sauna, and sundeck. This refreshing pool offers an incredible bird’s-eye view of Bermuda’s South Shore. Why not take a dip before choosing your chaise lounge? A perfect place to get lost in your favourite book or linger at sunset.



Just below the pool deck, you’ll find the start of Azura’s unique panoramic pink sand Bermuda beaches—sandy terraced enclaves perfect for two. These lead down to Azura’s main beach stretch, where you can often take longer walks on the soft pink sands. It’s a great snorkeling spot—just a short wade in, abundant reefs bustle with parrotfish and other marine life.

The larger tidal beach varies in size, and you may often be limited to just the panoramic beaches for sunbathing. In that case, the hotel offers complimentary transportation between 10am and 4pm to Bermuda’s famed Horseshoe Bay Beach, seven minutes away. While other celebrated South Shore beaches like Elbow Beach and Warwick Long Bay are even closer.

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Whether you’re looking for a short-term getaway or a luxurious home away from home, uncover everything Azura and Bermuda have to offer.